Exotic & Pocket Pets

At Princevalle Pet Hospital, we don’t give cats and dogs all the attention. We also provide care for birds, reptiles, and pocket pets. Exotic pets require regular exams just like dogs and cats do, but they have their own specific set of needs.

Our veterinarians have the skills and experience needed to give your pets the veterinary care they deserve. Dr. Fitzgerald enjoys providing medical care to exotic pets, especially rabbits, rats, and guinea pigs.

How We Can Help Your Exotic Pet

Our veterinarians are well-equipped to provide exceptional medical care to a wide variety of animals. We take the unique characteristics of every pet into consideration, customizing our preventative care and treatment options to meet their healthcare needs. For example:

Rabbits are one of the most common non-traditional pets. There’s no doubt that rabbits are adorable, but they also require a suitable diet, environment, activity level, and handling techniques in order to thrive. Our veterinarians can give you recommendations, helping you to choose the best food and housing for your pet. We can also offer wellness services, dental care, and surgical options for your rabbit.

We also see a fair number of reptiles in our practice, such as iguanas, geckos, and snakes. These types of animals require a very specific habitat to keep them comfortable. We often see reptiles in our office who have health issues related to improper diet and environment. If you are a first-time reptile owner, we would be glad to work with you to provide your pet with the best care possible.

Whether you have a ferret, guinea pig, bird, or a bearded dragon, we can help you with your exotic pet’s healthcare needs. To schedule an exam or consultation, please feel free to give us a call.

Exotic in Gilroy: Bird in cage
Exotic in Gilroy: Rabbit with veterinarian